The Love Your Planet Story

Love Your Planet is my answer to the question:

“what if there was a better way?”

We are moving towards a world without plastic pollution. It is the only viable future we have. These toothbrushes are my contribution to that effort.

I believe that eco products should not be a trade-off. They can be cleaner, cheaper, and nicer to use than conventional alternatives. Nature gives us gifts and answers to our problems. Bamboo is fast growing, light on resources, renewable, and a beautiful material to hold in the hand. Wouldn’t you rather hold hands with a plant than with petrochemicals while you brush your teeth?

If we want to live a holistic life, honouring this beautiful world that gives us so much, it makes sense to treat her with the same kindness she shows us.

For my part, I wanted to create a toothbrush that was more comfortable and enjoyable to use than anything I had experienced. Many rounds of testing, sampling and prototyping led to the product we have now. I believe it is a joy to use, and I hope you experience that joy too. I believe it so strongly that if it doesn’t bring you joy, I want you to let me know and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.


Moving With The Seasons



Each brush in the four-pack features a different artwork corresponding to the four seasons. If it’s just you using them, you can stay in tune with the passing of the year by changing your toothbrush every three months, as the seasons do. If you’re in a family, each person can simply choose the brush that they love the most.